Thursday, June 1, 2017

● Acanthopanax root bark (Eleuthero Gracistylus, Wu Jia Pi)

1:28 PM

Acanthopanax, the root bark of Eleuthero ginseng, is an age old tonic known by ancient Chinese herbalists for thousands of years. The plant is related to Ginseng, both botanically and in terms of its beneficial adaptogenic effects, such as reducing stress hormone levels, increasing the synthesis of neurotransmitters, and optimizing the hypopituitary adrenal axis for the production of youth preserving and health bestowing hormones. Acanthopanax has been used not only by Traditional Chinese herbalists, but also by professional athletes, the most notable being the Soviet record setting Olympic team, who testified that their victories were due to the traditional herbal tonics taken, Eleuthero or Acanthopanax being one of them. Studies in Russia have shown that Acanthopanax has near endless health benefits, working ground up with the body to enhance markers of endurance, strength, and general vitality, even recommending the herb to be used in cosmonautic programs to assist with the stress of space travel.

● Enhances immune system response
● Potent antioxidant
● Reduces stress
● Improved memory and recall
● Increases libido
● Supports mental clarity
● Better focus
● Increased alertness
● Strengthens bones
● Encourages more restful sleep

Also known as
Wu Jia Pi, , Eleuthero root bark, Eleuthero Gracistylus, Southern Acanthopanax

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